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Tiger Woods


Playing nice will get you nowhere in Daily Fantasy Sports. The people you are playing with in the general population are armed with the best information, data and insights and you need to be prepared to fight back if you want to win. And you DO want to win, right?

Here are some tips on how to win at DFS that are tried and tested

Be a Contrarian
Unless it is so obvious that you can’t resist, picking the likes of Connor McDavid, Patrick Mahomes or LeBron James is just too obvious. In some cases like Tiger Woods in DFS PGA Tour Golf, it is just too obvious of a pick with a modern history of missing cuts and under-performing when he does make a cut. But because of his legendary status on tour Tiger is a) expensive and b) somebody you should avoid.

The Three Rules of DFS…
Value. Value. Value. Just like the three rules of real estate are location, location, location.

In any given night in Daily Fantasy Sports there are good picks. The question is: who is going to give you the most bang for your buck? Look for players who are trending upwards and have been for days or weeks but might play for a smaller market team or who don’t have the following of say Tiger. In 2020, you would have rather had a player like Tony Finau or Abraham Ancer over Tiger Woods. You would have rather picked a young Vancouver defenseman in Quinn Hughes or Colorado Defenseman, Cale Makar over bigger ticket, more proven guys like Brent Burns or Roman Josi. Are Burns and Josi bad? No. They are just expensive. Will DraftKings and FanDuel figure out Quinn Hughes and Cale Makar? You know they will but if you can ride them for a while – expect to rack up some good wins – especially versus random match ups.

Quinn Hughes

Learn From The Best (and Become a Beast)
We all have our favorite Daily Fantasy Sports to play. Sometimes it can be helpful to look at the GPP events or who’s at the top of say a 50-50 and make a note of their user name. Then, the next week invite them to play a small event with you.

Who cares if you win when you are looking into the style of play of these top-level players. Who are they sticking it to you with for cheap? Do they run all-out A-list guys or find A or A- guys to get nearly as many points but take more pressure off of their last few picks?

Many times, I have done this trick to get intel that I can use against my buddies and make them look like fools. Fools, I say.

Manage Your Budget, Bitches
Study the opportunities of the day (or night – depending on the sport). Don’t go blow your cash on a night when you aren’t feeling the types of opportunities. That’s not to say – don’t play but manage your bankroll. There will be other nights when you have a chance to dominate because of one-sided matchup and or player injuries that create all sorts of arbitrage that can benefit you.

Color Inside of The Lines
I play a lot of DFS but focus on Golf and Hockey mostly. I simply don’t know enough about football or League of Legends or NBA basketball to be dangerous. My buddies and I will battle it out over $2 in a NASCAR ticket but we are all well-educated, coastal, intellectual elites. Trump-loving NASCAR people get that sport. We don’t. We are just messing around. We know golf. We know hockey. We know some other sports. When it comes to something other than a silly bet, stick with what you know.

We hope these tips have been helpful to you in your quest to become a Sports Beast!